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Fast-Tracked MES™: The Next Big Thing In Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)


00020Manufacturing process management systems (MES) are a tried-and-true method of coordinating, executing, and tracking manufacturing operations. However, they were designed for a different time-period.

Organizations are revisiting the role of the MES in the modern industry, with more digital solutions available than ever before (we're widening the conversation to include the enhanced capabilities given by Manufacturing Operations Management, as well).

“Is the Management Information System (MES) still relevant in 2021?”

To answer this question, we'll examine some recent research on the prospects for MES over the next decade in this post:

What Is a Management Execution System (MES) and How Does It Work?

Many businesses still use paper to enter data or give job instructions. On the other hand, the majority of them are aware that there is a better way to arrange the flurry of activity on the plant floor. MES makes that activity as well as the underlying data visible, and it leverages that data to improve how that activity is carried out and make it repeatable. To better optimize operations, it connects multiple sites, integrates with equipment, and improves the performance of business applications.

It can link to your existing systems to give you a real-time view of your operations, making communication between managers easier, and reporting on KPIs so you can monitor operator and business performance.

How do you tell if you need a management information system (MES)? First and foremost, if your company produces something, you will almost certainly require one. It's crucial to note, however, that not every MES is appropriate for every industry. Only by matching the correct MES system to the right environment or vertical, can you get the most out of it.

Back in the day, it may have been difficult to integrate several systems. Because modern software easily communicates information, this is rarely an issue. The more pressing issue today is figuring out how to integrate an MES into a company's culture. As you can see, implementing an MES system isn't as straightforward as turning it on during a staff meeting and walking away.

What Is the Purpose of an MES?

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly competitive and complex, with customers demanding faster turnaround times, reduced production costs, and strict adherence to industry norms and regulations. It is critical to use real-time manufacturing data to drive business decisions, but 85% of manufacturers still manage their factory floor with paper and spreadsheets.

In 2021, what will be the state of MES?

A recent poll of pharmaceutical businesses found that as many as 80% believe that IoT will not replace MES. In addition, 39% of respondents thought MES would disrupt the sector in the next decade. This is due to the breadth of capabilities available, as well as MES' capacity to meet tight regulatory standards. This isa resounding vote of confidence for MES, with so many headlines devoted to cutting-edge digital technologies.

Smart machines, sensors, and devices are the only advancements that are projected to be more disruptive. To gain this honor, MES beat off a virtual buzzword bingo of much-hyped developments (edge/cloud computing, cell and gene therapy, machine learning, big data, new regulatory requirements, augmented reality, and more).

What’s the next big thing in MES?

By 2024, industrial IoT (IIoT) systems synced with microservices-based manufacturing operations management (MOM) apps will account for half of all MES solutions, offering near real-time transaction management, control, data collecting, and analytics.

MOM will be given as a separate layer of control through a variety of apps, some of which are particular to manufacturing activities, but the majority of which are IIoT apps operating on the corporate platform. The future of MOM 4.0 and operating in a digital enterprise will be here.

While most people believe that apps are the way of the future, it's vital to explain why.

Apps provide a level of control, instrumentation, and extensibility that many MES currently lack. Asa result, they are an ideal complement to MES, providing flexibility and allowing MES' capability to be supplemented as the digital era evolves.

Gain the upper hand in the high-stakes manufacturing game.

Your manufacturing execution has a lot riding on it. Taking use of this digital transformation to its maximum potential might help you overcome your production issues. The proper MES solution supplier will be with you for the long haul, just as you are in your industry for the long haul. Beyond remarkable software, the finest providers give capable and significant services, support, and coaching all along the way, including internal change management, which is critical to a successful MES solution.

Like any other reliable software solution, MES systems are constantly evolving (be wary if they aren't!) It's critical to know if an MES solution vendor has a product roadmap in place before making a decision. As the system evolves, you can be confident that you'll have access to new features and techniques. Your shop floor activity will be well-managed, and you'll have peace of mind knowing that as your business grows, your MES system will be there to support your manufacturing demands.

Are you interested in learning more about MES systems and how to choose one? Get to know LiveTracking.

The FastTrack™ MES was created by LiveTracking Systems Inc. to assist manufacturers in being more productive and efficient. It's a propriety cloud-based solution that heralds the dawn of a new era in MES. Manufacturers' performance can be optimized, and they can be equipped for the digital age with FastTrack™ MES. LiveTracking is easy to set up and use, with quick training, making it a very cost-effective solution. It makes use of the cloud to make factories smarter and more equipped. The off-the-shelf wireless controller can help with the industrial internet of things no matter where you are (IIoT).

There's no reason why MES has to be inefficient and slow With LiveTracking, a new era of FastTrack™ MES is available. Now is the time to schedule a free demo.

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