LiveTracking MES

We built LiveTracking as an internal tool to drive and sustain performance improvement projects in manufacturing. Now, we're making our Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) available directly to you.

Capture & Contextualize

LiveTracking’s sensors capture real-time information that’s difficult or too time-consuming to record, like speed, output, and downtime. Now you always have live, accurate insights on the “hidden factory” within your operation. Empower your floor staff to provide valuable context around LiveTracking data on downtime reasons, waste & rework quantities, and labour headcounts

Improve Performance

Get immediate performance feedback so you can trigger quick, effective solutions. LiveTracking reports are instantly web-accessible from your existing tablet. Configurable scoreboards broadcast real-time productivity back to the shop floor, increasing operator engagement and ensuring total visibility and transparency.

Our approach

LiveTracking enables owners and operators real-time decision making super powers

LiveTracking offers a short guided virtual assessment of your facility and the opportunities for LiveTracking to help improve your operations. We identify KPIs and provide a straightforward digitization roadmap to a Smart Factory.

LiveTracking is set up in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months. Sensors are quickly installed and KPIs are configured. Your facility will digitize and provide you with real-time data by the end of the day. Finally, our trained integration experts offer onsite, online, or phone support if needed. 

Receive immediate notifications for issues and ensure your meeting targets. LiveTracking offers a quarterly review with a LiveTracking consultant who can assess your KPIs and offer tips on ways to unlock hidden opportunities.

With all of your business data at your finger tips, you are set up to make smart decisions, follow best practices, and fine-tune your Smart Plant operations. LiveTracking consultants can be brought in to support your improvement and optimize your performance.


A Single Solution to Measure and Track OEE

Transform your operations to a data-driven improvement culture with high value features and evolve into a smart factory that outperforms your competitors.

KPI Capture

Capture your KPIs in real-time. Understand OEE, downtime, output, yield, batching/mixing, raw material costing, labour efficiency, and more.

Visual Factory Management

LiveTracking optimizes for large screen displays. Present real-time KPIs on your factory floor or in public areas to provide your team with the data it needs to excel.


LiveTracking sensors are quick and easy to install. Mount them in key locations to automatically track downtime, line speed, and output.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

LiveTracking leverages the power of the cloud for unlimited storage, real-time performance, and superior data processing power.

Comprehensive Security

Data security is of upmost importance to us. Every aspect of LiveTracking has been built with the highest level of security.

Available Cross-Platform

Responsive technology available wherever you are. Web, Android, iOS – the LiveTracking toolset is built to work on all platforms.

Start Your Smart Factory Journey

A better manufacturing business is a few clicks away. Get in touch with us for a no-cost assessment and our experts will help determine your capabilities, identify KPIs, and plan your Smart Factory roadmap through LiveTracking's cutting-edge technology.